Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time

Pastor Tan has been sharing a thread in his messages these past few months, since the mid-year morning prayer meeting. It is about waiting on God, and trusting that God's timing is perfect.

If we feel that the universe revolves around us, then God's timing will not seem so perfect. Why didn't I get that promotion? Why wasn't my daughter selected for the class play? Why did my father die? How come Jesus didn't rescue him?

When my mother had cancer for the last time, I asked that question of God. "Why does your Bible say that you are the healer when my mother is only getting worse?" Of course, I wasn't saved yet, but I sure was seeking. I realise now, we cannot read the Bible and only pick and choose the parts that make us feel good. The Bible is the infallible word of God - it is our job as Christians to know and love the full gospel.

It was only a few months after Mom passed away, after I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, that the Lord gently but surely revealed His greater purpose. My mother had been praying for my salvation for years. On her deathbed, I had an encounter with the Lord, and the Holy Spirit came over me and suddenly, I knew that I knew that I knew that my Mom was right all along — she was going home, and there was so much to be happy about when you know you're returning to the Father.

My Dad was hospitalised during my mom's wake and cremation. He grieved so deeply the doctors thought he was going to die too. But the Lord sent my cousin Erwin to lead my Dad in the Sinner's Prayer. When he awoke the next morning, Dad asked me, "Who is this Jesus? I feel so peaceful now. Tell me about him." Thus began two years of Bible-reading with my Daddy, who delighted in the Word, especially the book of Acts.

My mother's death precipitated the salvation of both my father and I. Dad died two years later, and I have the priceless assurance he is with the Lord. Human reasoning says, "Why should she sacrifice her life so that you two can save your souls?" But I know my mother would have said, "The body will die anyway, but the soul lives forever."

I know to her, to me, to God - it's all worth it. And I know I shall see my mother where I'm going - if like her, I fight the good fight and finish my race.

My Lord, your timing is perfect. The righteous shall live by faith, and not by sight — I know sometimes, despite all I have experienced, I still need to be reminded that You are sovereign and I am wasting my time pondering and worrying. I thank you that in You, I have my peace, my joy, my meaning.


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