Friday, April 03, 2009

Always Be My Baby

One day, driving along the ECP, David Cook's cover of 'Always Be My Baby' came on the radio.

This has been my favourite Mariah Carey song since I was pregnant with my first child. I sang this song to him every day in the womb. Today, he's 10, and I still tell him, "You will always be my baby."

(It still elicits a hug, so I guess that's good)

God knows everything about me. He knows what I'm thinking. He knows why I'm thinking it.

Suddenly it felt like it was the Lord singing to me, 
"You'll always be a part of me, 
I love you indefinitely
Girl don't you know you can't escape me
Darling coz you'll always be my baby."

And I am - I will always and forever be the Father's baby. And He loves me like that. 

And that elicits a hug from me — a big huge hug. I love you Daddy.